Ash Pure believes a story can change the world.

Stories can touch and move, can change and inspire.They can make isolated groups feel they’re not alone, they can shine a light and offer hope.

Yes stories can save the world. But they need to be good stories. Meaningful stories, perfectly realised and expertly delivered. And at Pure Story that’s exactly what we do, we create, produce, market and distribute stories that transcend boundaries of genre and age, storied that challenge traditional formats to transform and change the reader and the world.

“All our stories have a purpose they’ve got soul, they’ve got heart and we wear our hearts on our sleeves.”

From cutting edge interactive experiences about pressing global concerns – Spectra The Light Force (Community generated evolving narrative and story world. Currently in development)

To challenging and disturbing outsider fiction – O U T S I D E (Graphic Anthology with Topics Press Berlin)

To flights of epic, urban escapism – The Lion & The Unicorn (Comics and Transmedia Story Word)

We give a platform to the new, the bold and the brave. To uncompromising voices and challenging ideas, both homegrown and licensed. Across the board all projects are handled with the utmost love, care and dedication to creating something lasting and powerful. Something unique and satisfying to be treasured forever.

Committed to delivering a more engaging, more desirable, more valuable product than those produced by the publishing mainstream, Pure Story creates limited runs of bespoke format books that stand alone as rare and distinct, collectable objects.

With a focus on English language genre fiction and graphic story telling Pure Story represents the new culture of independent publishing, launching with a select portfolio of titles with the view to expand the collection and branch into translations for foreign language markets (Chinese, French, German) as well as creating immersive digital experiences that use technology to explore not only the linear narrative of a title but also its surrounding story world (Story Box – The digital comics story world exploration game).

While licensing (for TV, Film or Games) is an option, Pure Story is not a ‘content farm’ rather it is dedicated to getting great stories told, getting them seen and ultimately in the hands of the audience that needs them.

Welcome to the Story. It’s only just begun.