Enter a world in which world war 2 never ended, it just got really, really silly.
The Blitz Brigade Kommandozentralle An irreverent, apocalyptic, turbo charged blast of comics, collectables, content and chaos!

Blitz Brigade, the popular mobile game from Gameloft, was a hit with players but needed some depth, something beyond cool characters, crazy weapons and ultra addictive game play, something that the German fan base could really get it’s teeth stuck into. 

And so the Kommandozentrale was born – A social media centred story-hub where fans could get deeper into the retro-futurist, pulp-art story world. A riotous mash-up of war movies, cult comics and gamer culture, heavily dosed with memes, mirth and general mayhem (okay it was Sergeant Gunn! but more on him later).

Collectables: The Posters
First up a sweet set of ‘In-World’ posters (Above) created with impeccable attention to detail by Ash Pure to accompany the cast of game characters and their new, richer back stories as written by Paul Nielsen.
Designed to appeal to the audience members who were engaged with the story, rather than those who just loved to frag, these collectable posters  referenced classic propaganda art but as with everything in the Blitz Brigade story world… ‘These go to eleven’.

And something for the fraggers – Wallpapers (Below) celebrating the fantastic hardware available in the game. Yes guns are pretty cool, but only when made of pixels!

Previews, teasers and exclusives.

With the release of new weapons and hardware our Facebook page was the first place to go to get exclusive previews and reveals.


Yes the comics, surely the jewel in the crown (or perhaps rather the pack of Luckys in the ammo band of the helmet) of the entire campaign. The digital comics, using the infinite canvas format, were the key player in our mission to expand the story world beyond the confines of the game. To this end we created a series of stand alone tales designed to explore different characters origin stories, introduce new game elements or simply riff on life in Blitzville.
A couple of Berlin’s finest cartoonists, Josh Bauman and Ryan Herbert pulled out all the stops to render a killer collection of dark and beautiful comic capers including a Christmas cross over special where the reader could colour the final frame.

The beating, bleeding, bursting heart of The Kommandozentralle. The comics, Gameloft’s first were our chance to add some real depth and have some real fun with these characters.

These were a real labour of love, the budget went out the window as we made the best we could make.