They say the first step is the hardest.

It’s not.

Anyone can stand out from the crowd.

But it’s those who go the distance

Who walk that long path alone.

We call them trailblazer, journeyman…


But don’t believe in titles

Know that it’s the quest that counts.

To step out into the unknown.

And reach those heights

While always keeping your feet on the ground.

That’s the only step that counts

If we’re lucky then we see it:

The spark that lights the flame.

It’s the bright idea

that’s one step ahead,

It inspires us and leads our way

Now to follow in these footsteps

to tread a path like this

All we need is that light

to guide our steps

So we shine as bright as this.

You think it’s easy,

To step up, to take a stand.

You think it’s easy,

To put your foot down to turn against the crowd.

But when the time comes, how many can really say

they’re brave enough

they’re bold enough

To Stand tall and stand proud and shout

This is my time,

You can run, you can take flight

But I’m standing my ground

The Zign Autumn Winter story. 3 Characters

Who is brave enough to step up to take the Stage. The city is the stage where you are. Right now. We created 3 characters to explore this urban environment.

Concept / Creative Direction / Story text / Voice over