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“Stories are everything. They shape and define our world.
That’s because our brains are wired, not just to hear, see and understand stories, but to actively feel them. That’s why they are so effective at informing opinion, they literally change our minds.”

As a Strategic Story Consultant for purpose led brands, businesses and individuals, James William Harrup has spent the last 20 years working as an award winning designer, illustrator, writer, director and publisher, or as he calls it – story maker, for international corporations, independent start-ups and global change makers.

In this time he has developed powerful techniques to help everyone from CEOs, entrepreneurs, creatives and activists to find clarity and perspective in what they do.

Helping to capture, cultivate and communicate their Pure Story and share it with their audience.

Now with his Story for Good initiative James hopes to bring his story skill set to a wider audience and maybe just maybe change the world

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