WHY // Pure Story System 1 // Purpose Mapping // The Concept

The purpose of the first Pure Story workshop is to capture and define the central idea, the intention and emotional core existing at the heart of what you do. We achieve this by using our custom story system canvas to put you (back) in touch with your purpose, your ‘Why’.
We start to do this by aligning belief with intention, then continue to step through the stages of the system becoming increasingly practical as we go, defining obstacles and opportunities, tools and assets, until we are left with a complete 360° overview of your current World State and, most importantly, the core reason why you’re doing what you’re doing
From here we are able to see the wood for the trees, to see exactly what it is your audience (investor, client, customer) needs to know. By getting everything out of your head(s) and up on the wall we are left in a unique position to begin clearly and precisely telling your story.
Following the workshop we extract and distil the raw information captured in this first session. Processing and further crystallising it into a clear and precise Story Blueprint – a both practical and emotive visual document that acts as your guiding light, a clean and concise starting point for crafting a powerful and cohesive brand strategy.

half day workshop ● distil core story ● present & fine-tune ► Story blueprint

To find your core story by (Re)connecting to your Why. Bringing perspective and clarity – “To see the wood for the trees.”

What you need to bring:
A clear intention of what you want to achieve and a set of core beliefs.

What we do:
Workshop guiding you through the Pure Story System 1 Canvas –

Introduction and orientation.

Workshop Phase 1:
Set intention and find the why. Capturing the idea from topmost beliefs to practical tools at your disposal.

Break. Review, refresh and energise.

Workshop Phase 2:
Continue to progress the idea through its obstacles, applying increased pressure until it is crystallized into actionable results.

Followed by write up presentation and fine tuning.

What you get:
Story Blueprint. An ‘at a glance’, 1 sheet visual document, acting as core foundation and guiding light for all future communication and strategy.