Pure Story System 1: Idea Capture
Content may be king but the idea is still god!

The purpose of the first Pure Story workshop is to capture and define the central idea existing at the heart of what you do. We achieve this by using our custom story system canvas to put you back in touch with your ‘Why’.

Having found the reason you’re doing what you’re doing, we then continue to step through the system going on to define the status quo, a complete 360 overview of the current World State.

By getting everything up on the wall – literally, we are able to see the wood for the trees and are in a unique position to bring clarity to your story.

13:00 – Introduction and orientation over healthy home-made lunch.
13:30 – Workshop Phase 1: Set intention and capture the idea from topmost belief to current tools at your disposal.
15:00 – Break / Refreshment (a selection of teas from Companion Tea Berlin) + energising Flow-WorkingTM activity.
15:15 – Workshop Phase 2: Continue to progress the idea through its obstacles, applying pressure until it is crystallized into actions.
17:00 – Close.*

Following this we use our expertise to extract and distil the raw information captured in this first session. Processing and further crystallizing it into a clear and precise Story-World Blueprint – a powerful visual document that acts as a guiding light for all future communication.

As well as providing a clean and concise starting point for the next session…

*Actual timings may vary as necessary.