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In the second Pure Story workshop we craft a strategic narrative that states clearly what your prospect is and more importantly, why anyone should care about it. The resulting story removes the burden of brand representation from any one individual instilling confidence and coherence within and without through a unifying narrative that guides your business and aligns your team as well as clearly and concisely communicating the core brand message with the wider audience.
Using the story blueprint / brand map from the first session we first we define the brand story cores – Giving a solid foundation of Truths to build a sound strategy on – Remember the story is the strategy.
With these brand truths in hand we then jump to the custom hero’s journey canvas – used to define the current world state – the competitive and consumer landscape and the undeniable need for your prospect. We then look at your audience – your potential customer, client, investor – the star of your story, their wants and needs and the magic gifts that your prospect provides for them that in turn allows them to reach their Promised land, their personal happy ever after.
Following the workshop we extract and distil the wealth of raw information captured. Processing and further crystallising it into a clear and precise Brand Story deck a step by step sequential narrative defining the core story, acting as a master template for all future communication – press release / website etc. This strategic narrative is your answer to any question on the brand. It is your rock, easy to understand, distribute and develop.

One day workshop ● define brand strategy ● present & fine-tune ► Brand-Story

Define your strategic narrative by extensively mapping your story world and concretely defining what role your prospect plays in this world.

What you need to bring:
Feedback from the first session plus any existing market research or relevant information*
*To dos will vary depending on your needs

What we do:
Workshop guiding you through the Pure Story System 2
Catch up, feedback and learnings from the previous session.
30 mins

Workshop Phase 1
Using the Story World Blueprint as a starting point we will begin expand and fine tune it to define the Brand story cores – The foundation for the story we will tell
1hr 30mins

Break. Review, refresh and energise.

Hero’s Journey 1
Plotting your unique Hero’s Journey by defining the current world state defining what’s at stake, what problem you are solving and who the hero of your story is (clue – it’s not you!)

Break. Review, refresh and energise.

Heroes Journey 2
We then go on to define what ‘magic gifts’ you will use to guide your hero (your audience) to their ‘happily ever after’.

Break. Review, refresh and energise.

Finalise and review
At the end of the day we take the time to review the big picture, flagging any work that needs to be done to realise the aim.

Followed by write up and presentation.

What you get:
Brand Story
A ten slide* pitch / sales deck format sequential story document that forms the core narrative for all future communication.

*On average