Pure Story System 2: Story Design
From Once upon a time to Happily Ever After, plotting your Hero’s Journey.

In the second Pure Story workshop we systematically craft a narrative that shows not only what’s at stake in the world at large – addressing the need for your prospect, but also what has to be done to deliver that prospect to your audience.

We, define your unique capabilities the ‘magic gifts’ that will lead your audience / user / customer from a broken world to the promised land.

13:00 Healthy homemade lunch, catch up, feedback and learnings from the previous session.
13:30 – Workshop Phase 1 from Once Upon A Time To Winners & Losers. Using the Story World Blueprint as a starting point we will begin to populate your unique Hero’s Journey.
15:00 – Break / Refreshment (a selection of teas from Companion Tea Berlin) + energising Flow-WorkingTM activity.
15:15 – Workshop Phase 2: Magic Gifts to your Happily Ever After. We will define the key attributes that make your story unique and define how the world now looks because of that.
17:00 – Close.*

The aim of this session is to define your core narrative, your Brand Story that will go on to inform all communication moving forward. Once complete we again take away what we’ve created together and refine it into a tight, engaging document a stripped back sequential narrative that lends itself as easily to a pitch deck as to a website, campaign brief or any other form of communication.

This then forms a solid foundation to be translated into a road-map as further defined in the final workshop.

*Actual timings may vary as necessary.