An artist and an academic sitting in a tree house in Berlin try to make a story to save the world. Comics creator Ash Pure and acute thinker thoughtism record the first episode of their open source story – SPECTRA

What is Spectra?

This question can be answered in many ways depending on context. Mostly, Spectra is a highly collaborative, open source story project. It is also a sci-fi adventure spanning multiple worlds that are populated by a myriad of complex characters. Characters who are continually placed in difficult situations in an attempt to explore current social concerns. The project is steered by a group who meet once week to discuss the concept, the fictional worlds and characters of Spectra, and what needs to be done so as to share its story with the world. These weekly conversations are recorded and shared. Actually, everything is shared: from written notes and typed scripts to audio plays, sketches, doodles, and finalized images and animations. For instance, you should be able to find the handwritten notes to this … somewhere (well, at least in theory).

The organizing principle of Spectra is episodic. This means that these recorded conversations discuss the creative and logistical issues of making a single episode of Spectra. Each episode is led by a guest “creator” — a central storytelling figure that we have invited to contribute. The basic rule is that every creator needs to be represented by a character or characters in the story. The creator is free to create or destroy, to advance or demolish concepts, characters and worlds within Spectra as they see fit. The goal is to have creators represent their own world view, their philosophical, religious, or intellectual orientations through the story. We hope this creates a creative dialogue between people with very different orientations and world views.

Since we are sharing all, everywhere, all the time, we are keeping an eye out for individuals or groups who are inspired to create their own content and engage with the worlds of Spectra. Be it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Reddit, or whatever, Spectra will go where you are. If we see something that inspires us, we will do our best to integrate it into the story world. Consider this an invitation for you to participate and to create with us.

We like to think of the entire project as a playground for ideas, for creative storytelling, and for thoughtful and meaningful discovery with others.

Welcome on board and welcome to Spectra.

Take a look at the characters sheets and artworks.

Here’s our story progress so far.

If YOU want to become a part of the SPECTRA universe, send an email to spectrauniversegroup (at)



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