The Lion & The Unicorn. Volume 0. Issue 1. Deluxe Limited Edition Print Comic


Issue 1. Deluxe signed and numbered print edition of 200 with content rich Art and Epilogue cards.

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The Lion and The Unicorn issue 1. Signed and numbered, limited edition of 200. 28 pages, printed as environmentally and ethically as possible in Great Britain on FSC recycled stock with simtri® toner. ISO 14001 certified. 
Comics come bagged with content rich art and epilogue cards that links to exclusive digital material. 

An ancient kingdom lies crumbling, it’s capital city teetering on the brink of revolution.
A multi-national conglomerate sells its psychic technology and upwardly mobile utopian lifestyle as the only way out. But at what cost?
While factions argue amongst themselves telekinetic terror is unleashed… And nothing will ever be the same again!
Can a scarred, embittered, exiled old war hero and a beautiful, powerful, but naive psychic knight come together as The Lion and The Unicorn – Defenders of The Realm Keepers of The King’s Peace, in time to save the Kingdom?

Find out in part 1 of this urban-mythic, alternate reality saga by writer artist Ash Pure.

“Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror meets Grant Morrison’s The Filth. This is one of the most innovative and unique books I have read in a long time putting the big companies to shame.” Geek Syndicate


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