The Lion & The Unicorn. Volume 0. Part 2. Deluxe Limited Edition Print Comic


Issue 2. Deluxe signed and numbered print edition of 200

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Nominated for The British Comics Awards best new comic, Part 2 of 4 of The Lion & The Unicorn, The King is Dead is available as a signed and numbered, deluxe edition of 200.
Influenced by the large format British comics of the 80s and 90s it is a beautiful, oversized 32 page magazine format, produced to extremely high standards as ethically and environmentally as possible.

The King is dead and as the young prince of Albion races back to the capital, unbeknownst to him, hidden forces conspire to seal his fate.
The Unicorn, a naive but powerful psychic knight-in-training, uncovers the shocking truth about the Prince’s past, while down in the streets it’s Clan Boss Kendrick’s powered up Hoods vs. The PosMaster. He’s on a secret mission to ‘bring the Heroes back to Albion’ but will he even make it out of the City alive?

“5/5. Pushing the boundaries … and really leaving those big publishers behind.” Super Robot Mayhem

Nominated for Best Comic in the British Comic Awards 2014

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Dimensions 32.4 x 22.9 x .4 cm


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