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Why I love Gosh! Comics (and it’s not just because they pay up front)

By February 3, 2015Uncategorized

I have loved Gosh since I used to spend my pocket money there, when it was across the road from The British Museum. It always supported independently published comics and graphic novels and it was from this store that I got my first taste of the British and international Small Press.
You can imagine then the joy when Gosh moved to its current Berwick street location and a large part of the beautiful top floor was dedicated to the indies.
Gosh has undoubtedly lead the way in promoting independent comics, proving that if you present them in the same way as the more established titles and publishers, then they sell. Issue 1 of TL&TU sold out twice over and is now in stock again, with issues 2 and 3 also available as well as the ultra limited edition poster comics.

Keep it up Gosh (and thanks for paying up front).

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