You’ll hear an awful lot about stories and storytelling these days, an awful lot of bold buzzwords and spurious claims.
But don’t worry because today we’re going to find out once and for all –


You see, as far as anyone else is concerned, your story is you,
it’s you as you appear to the outside world.

Yes, that’s right,

You Are Your Story.

So ask yourself,

What kind of story do you want to be?


What were the stories that meant something to you, the ones that stayed with you, that made a difference in your life?
You want to be one of those stories don’t you?


A Good Story.


A story that is seen and that is heard, a story that touches people and maybe, just maybe changes the world.

A good story can do this, you know it can, at the very least it can cut through the persistent noise and tell you, your employees, your clients, customers, investors and the whole wide world clearly and precisely what you do, why you do it and most importantly, why on earth they should care.

So what do you need to do?
You need to make sure your story is –





Or to put it another way,



This is What People Say About Pure Story,

Working with James at Pure Story really helped me make sense of all the thoughts and ideas in my own head. It helped me see many aspects of my brand, my product, of my purest WHY AM I DOING THIS question that I had not seen before. … I love his method, it’s straight forward but unique!”
Andrea Babic – CEO Sisu Stories
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“This is absolute business alchemy. Pure gold. ”
Benjamin Cölle – BCP Productions

“James’ genius lies in his ability to render clear and concise narratives that easily communicate complex concepts on a pure and emotionally engaging level”
Matthias Lorenz-Meyer – CEO We’re ALL In Co-working

“James is a master of getting to the heart of a problem. Laying it bare and then using his diverse skill set to craft inspired and lasting creative solutions.”
Naz Faroodian – Owner Lucky Productions

“James’ models are amazing. It’s profound how he distils idea into action and in the process taps into the DNA blueprints of companies exacting lasting change on a meta-level. ”
Sven Oliver Heck – Ultra Vision Coaching

“Invaluable, you can’t put a price on what Pure Story does”
Steffen Stäuber – Founder Create Meaning


We come to you and through a series of half day in-house engagements we first capture the idea, then develop your story blueprint and apply it to your strategy, developing it to a stage where you can work from it on your own or we continue together on to content development and production.


A morning spent with us capturing and focussing belief into ideas, ideas into actions. Healthy lunch followed by an afternoon of strategic planning.

You leave with all the assets you need to work alone or we continue our relationship working together all the way from concept to execution.


At a beautiful farm. 2 hours outside of Berlin we spend 3 days of Intensive learning and development focussed around the custom workshop methods combined with personal development guided by internationally renowned experts and practitioners.

Available Autumn 2019

And Remember, your Story IS your strategy.

Story architect and creative strategist James William Harrup has taken his 20 years experience as freelance creative consultant, story architect, in-house communication specialist and visual story teller and applied it to a highly focused and effective consultancy method.

“We use a custom set of workshops and engagements, to clearly and precisely build and define your essential core narrative – A pure story that will inform all aspects of your business, from top level strategic thinking to culture, communication and everything in between”.

Pure Story has the methodology, experience and expertise to help you solve any kind of communication challenge.

So, When Do You Need A Pure Story?

A pure story can help you at every stage,

From initial concept phase
Where we are focussed on capturing high level beliefs and ideas then crystallising them into definite structures – a clear and precise blueprint for everyone to work from.

At the developmental stage
Where we further define the story strategy applying it to a production map making sure that no opportunities are being missed and that your audience (Customer, client etc) is considered, engaged and activated from the start.

Then at the production phase, the stage where your story meets the world.
Whether employing our network of experts (story architects, audience designers, writers and artists) or working closely with your creative team we make sure your story is Powerfully delivered, Unique to you as well as Relevant and Engaging for your audience.

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They did,

Now Let's Have A Closer Look At The Pure Story Method

Pure Story System 1: Idea Capture.

Aim: To find the story by capturing the ‘big idea’, thereby fully mapping the current world state to ‘see the wood for the trees’ and ensure no opportunities are being missed.
What you need to bring: Only a clear intention of what you want to achieve. The system does the rest.
Process: What we do – Guided workshop through the levels of Pure Story System 1
defining greater clarity and purpose with each step.
Deliverable: What you get – Story World Blueprint. An ‘at a glance’, 1 page visual document, acting as master template for all future communication.

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Pure Story system 2: Story design.

Aim: To tell the story by plotting your unique hero’s journey.
What you need to bring: Any notes / work from previous session.
Process: What we do – Guided workshop populating the various stages of Pure Story System 2 with your unique hero’s journey outlining what’s at stake, what problem you are solving and how what ‘magic tools’ you will use to reach your ‘happily ever after’.
Deliverable: What you get – Brand Story. A step by step sequential narrative acting as master template and a launch point for all future communication and content.

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Pure Story system 3: Strategic Road Map.

Aim: To deliver your story we create a step by step guide designed to best bring your story to the world.
Process: In-depth planning sessions and top level content creation. With follow up engagements.
Deliverable: Detailed Strategy and Content Plan, outlining output for the future.

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