Story helps a young start up to secure the Funding it needs
while allowing a growing business to define and communicate its Culture. 


Story puts an international corporate in touch with its Audience
and connects aspiring entrepreneurs to their Purpose.


Story can give a new brand a clear Identity
and an established brand a whole new level of Impact.

The PURE essence of all communication,

STORY is the emotional core at the heart of any business, brand, product or venture.

Whether your audience is clients, customers, employees or investors,
Pure Story will precisely and clearly, capture, craft and deliver your story,
for the most effective results in strategy, marketing, sales and growth.


Through a series of engagements, using our custom Pure Story System canvases, we work together to find the central idea, the precise purpose, intention and emotional heart of what you do.
Around this story core we then go on to craft a top level strategic narrative that clearly and concisely engages your team and your audience to power marketing, sales and growth. Supported by regular health checks to ensure your story stays pure.


You and your team, be it big or small, will learn the the essentials of strategic narrative and brand story design in an intensive hands on series of presentations and workshops where we guide you through the ‘Anatomy of a Story’, sharing practical techniques to help you discover what your story is, how it’s best constructed and what effect it can have on your audience – be it investors, customers or clients – when delivered correctly.


“Our brains are wired, not just to hear, see and understand stories, but to actively feel them. That’s why they are so effective at informing opinion, because they literally change our minds.“
Strategic Story Consultant, James William Harrup delves deep into the heart and mind of Story to deliver an original, engaging and inspiring vision of what a story really is, to audiences in companies and conferences around the world

“Working with James at Pure Story really helped me make sense of all the aspects of my brand, my product, my purest 'Why am I doing this?' I love his method, it's straight forward but unique!”

Andrea BabicCEO Sisu Socks

“This is absolute business alchemy. Pure gold.”

Benjamin Cölle Filmuniversität Babelsberg

“James’ genius lies in his ability to render clear and concise narratives that easily communicate complex concepts on a pure and emotionally engaging level”

Matthias Lorenz-MeyerFounder We’re All In

“James’ models are amazing. It’s profound how he distils idea into action and in the process taps into the DNA blueprints of companies exacting lasting change on a meta-level.”

Sven Oliver HeckUltraVision Coaching

““Invaluable, you can’t put a price on what Pure Story does””

Steffen StäuberFounder and CCO of Create Meaning

“I wish we'd done this 6 months ago!”

Francesca SchulzCEO at Caffè A Mano GmbH - MANUMENT