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Story helps a young start up to secure the Funding it needs
while allowing growing businesses to define and communicate their Culture.

Story puts an international corporate in touch with its Audience
and connects aspiring entrepreneurs to their Purpose.

Story can give a new brand a clear Identity
and established brands a whole new level of Impact.

The Pure essence of all communication,
If you want to have an impact, want to be believed, remembered or even considered – You need a Pure Story.

Story is the emotional and strategic core at the heart of any business, brand, product or venture.


Through a series of engagements, using our custom Strategic Storytelling methodology, we work together to find the central idea, the precise purpose, intention and emotional heart of what you do.
Around this story core we then go on to craft a top level strategic narrative that clearly and concisely engages your team and your audience around your brand story to power marketing, sales and growth. Supported by regular health checks to ensure your story stays pure.


Everyone from students to startups can learn the the essentials of Strategic Storytelling – strategic narrative and brand story design. With this intensive, hands on series of presentations and workshops we guide you through the underlying ‘anatomy of a story’ in structured group sessions using custom canvases and worksheets, supported by one on one coaching, to help you define what your story is and how it can be best constructed and delivered to your audience.


“Our brains are wired, not just to hear, see and understand stories, but to actively feel them. That’s why they are so effective at informing opinion, because they literally change our minds.“
Strategic narrative and brand storytelling consultant, James William Harrup delves deep into the heart and mind of story to deliver original, engaging and inspiring visions of what story really is, to audiences in companies, conferences and events around the world.

Working with James at Pure Story really helped me make sense of all the aspects of my brand, my product, my purest 'Why am I doing this?' I love his method, it's straight forward but unique!

Paul SkevingtonParietti

Pure Story's Systems consistently render clear and concise narratives that easily communicate complex concepts on both a strategic and emotionally engaging level.

Matthias Lorenz-MeyerFounder We’re All In

James’ models are amazing. It’s profound how he distils idea into action and in the process taps into the DNA blueprints of companies exacting lasting change on a meta-level.

Sven Oliver HeckUltraVision Coaching

This is absolute business alchemy, pure gold. You can’t put a price on what Pure Story does.

Steffen StäuberFounder and CCO of Create Meaning

I wish we'd done this 6 months ago!

Francesca SchulzCEO at Caffè A Mano GmbH - MANUMENT

This unique, holistic approach enabled us to build a complete and cohesive brand world, a thriving business ecosystem based entirely on our core beliefs.

Hayli ChwangCEO Dodo Laboratory


Whether your audience is clients, customers, employees or investors,
the Pure Story – Strategic Narrative System Sets precisely map, design, build and deliver your story, for the most effective results in communication, positioning, acquisition, awareness and growth.

“IT STARTS WITH WHY” – Using the custom Pure Story Story System Canvas together we capture and define the central idea and emotional core at the heart of what you do, putting you (back) in touch with your purpose, your ‘Why’ and in so doing enabling you to see the wood for the trees. To see exactly what it is your audience (investor, client, customer) needs to know.
STRATEGIC STORYTELLING – We then extract and distil the raw information captured in the workshop processing and further crystallizing it into a clear and precise Story Core – a clear and concise starting point for crafting a powerful and cohesive brand strategy.
“THE STORY IS THE STRATEGY” – Together we craft a story that states clearly what your prospect is and more importantly, why anyone should care. The resulting strategic narrative instils confidence and coherence within and without through a unifying story that guides your business and aligns your team while clearly and concisely communicating the core brand message with a wider audience.
“CONTENT IS KING” – Here at the stage where your story is ready to meet the world, we apply the core brand story to a strategic targeted narrative designed to reach your specific audience(s) and have a specific, predetermined result – Be it engagement, awareness, sales or growth, the KPIs can be as diverse as your needs.
“AUDIENCE FIRST – Using a combination of research, expertise and ideation we map the touch points of how your audience (potential investors / customers / users / fans as necessary) will come into contact with the brand story (as defined in the previous phases). We are then left in a perfect position to start generating story arcs and content paths to be released via these relevant channels.